Human Immortality

Moss Jackson, Ph.D.



CEO of Center for Psychological Services in Pennsylvania.

Dr Jackson is a Clinical Psychologist who is the Founder and Director of the Center for Psychological Services, located in Ardmore , Pa.

The Center” purpose is to help people to find creative solutions to everyday challenges and problems, along with a focus on treating anxiety, trauma and PTSD. Currently Dr Jackson has been concentrating on developing strategies to enhance well being through energy healing and belief management. He is also a success coach and has helped athletes, coaches, leaders and adolescents to reduce their performance anxiety and to increase their performance excellence.

He was one of the original presenters at the 2016 RAADFEST Conference where he presented on the “Psychology of Immortality.” He is the author of four books and many presentations both in the USA and in Europe. He is now working on two books, one dealing with Navigating an Extraordinary Life and the other dealing with pancreatic cancer.

His talk today is “FEAR: You Don’t Have to Suffer.” This is a timely conversation during this time of turmoil, confusion and fear.


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