Human Immortality

Denisa Rensen



Age Reversal Expert, Longevity & Lifestyle Boutique Medicine, CEO blissDesigned™, Medical Director Stemaid™ Institute.

Denisa Rensen is a fusion of the renaissance woman and the future femme. Her expertise in anti-aging & regenerative medicine is creatively fused with her passion for optimal living, consciousness expansion & futurism.

In the clinical setting, Denisa offers evidence-based and innovative medical solutions for metabolic health and functional longevity. She is the medical director of Stemaid™ Institute, a world renown medical & research center focusing in degenerative conditions, age reversal medicine and pluripotent stem cells. She supports the body’s bioresilience via metabolic medicine, intravenous therapy, regenerative injections, highly regenerative pluripotent stem cells and exosomes. Her expertise in longevity medicine is enriched with the fellowship in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, A4M.

Denisa Rensen is also the founder and CEO of blissDesigned™ — a future-conscious, intelligent-luxe society for the future human. She designs & curates rejuvenative virtual programs, age reversal salons and global retreats – all in the goal of expanding lives for highest potential and deepest happiness. Through these programs, she aims high for us. Her goal is to design the human life not simply for health, but for bliss – the zenith of the human physical and metaphysical experience.


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